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    Jumpy, chirpy, fluffy, floofy;
    You bet, we make your sofa sticky!

    Twin Groomers is a locally owned full service pet grooming salon with  professional groomers on staff 5/6 days a week. Grooming your pet can be chore, but it doesn't have to be with Twins Pet Grooming, We maintain a relaxed, clean and friendly pet grooming environment at our facility. Our groomers have worked with anxious and energetic pups, and cats alike. No matter what grooming service your pet is getting you can count on us to make your four legged friend look and feel better than ever. All of us here bring passion, talent and kindness into the salon each day.


    We offer more than 10+ years of pet grooming experience and promise to take great care of your pet while they're here. A friendly groomer will treat your pet like their own through every step of the process.

    Bring Out the Best in Your Pet with help from the groomers at Twins Salon

    Every pet owner has a day (or two) when you'd rather not snuggle up with your best friend. Maybe they rolled in something in the yard or aren't feeling as soft as you'd like. Twins Salon offers professional pet grooming services 

    We make a difference in their lives

    We want your pet looking its best with our dog groomingcat grooming or pet care products. We take the time to make sure your pet looks its best when it leaves our salon. Visit Twins Salon today for an experienced groomer in Leesburg, Virginia.

    Be Proud of Your Best Friend's Appearance

    Just like you, your pet needs an occasional haircut to maintain a healthy and clean appearance. When your pet is looking less than its best, visit Twins Salon. We offer dog grooming services in Leesburg, VA

    An experienced dog groomer will discuss the length of your pet's fur before trimming and cutting in a breed-appropriate style. Our services include:

    • Haircutting
    • Bathing
    • Clipping nails
    • Cleaning ears
    • Expressing anal glands
    You'll love the look of your dog when we're done. Visit Twins Salon today for dog grooming in Leesburg, VA

    " Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened "

    - Anatole France

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    Pet Services Corner
    Prices may vary by store, breed, coat condition & service time. Pet age, health and vaccination requirement apply. Subject to availability

    Grooming Prices

    Includes the full haircut, nail trim, bathing and cleaning

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    Small Dog 

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    217 Crescent Station Terrace
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    Phone: 703-995-2590

    Phone : 703-995-2590

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